Friday, 5 March 2010

Single Abstract Noun

It has been some time since my last post, and I will make no excuses for it; I simply have not found anything interesting in WoW to post about.

I have been vote-kicked a few more times for apparently being a failtank, and have been spending my time in the Draenei and Night Elf starting areas to get the Loremaster Achievement. In the process I got exalted with both factions, and the epic ground mounts that comes with it, and my Gnomer rep is inching slowly towards exalted too.

I have also tried to make a serious effort to get my Draenei priest to 80, so finished off the BT quests and am about halfway through HF now.

But isn't that what everyone else is doing? There was a big surge in players when the new LFD hit, but now that the novelty has worn off I am seeing less dungeon queues and less instances (if you'll pardon the pun) of queueing for Argent Dawn itself.

So I guess I was maybe losing a little bit of interest, as the guild has a better tank than me now, and I kinda feel... redundant, I guess. And maybe a little bored with WoW, thinking that perhaps now would be a good time to catch up on other things that I have thought about doing but not really built up the motivation to actually do.

Then, in the blogosphere I saw that Tam has set up a new guild on my server (albeit horde side), called Single Abstract Noun. Tobold has joined, as has Larísa, plus I reckon a few others whose blogs I read, so I thought I would give it a go.

I had 2 spare slots which I was saving for a worgen and possibly (probably) goblin when Cataclysm hits, but now I am thinking of transferring one of my existing Alliance characters across to join the others that I transferred a while ago when the free transfer was first made available.

My son has a character on my account, and as he plays so infrequently it makes sense to probably move him over (with some gold in his pocket), plus maybe one of my other characters that I haven't touched in ages, but don't have the heart to delete - probably some false sense of attachment, but I haven't hit 50 characters yet...!

I really enjoyed being part of a community that just doesn't stop talking! I rolled a belf mage (yes, female!), typed /who tobold and asked him whether an officer was around for an invite. He replied by telling me that anyone can invite, then shortly later, Tahliana became a member of what could be a very large guild indeed.

I hit level 8 before logging for the night - it makes things a little quicker, having done the starting area a few times before!

I think I could be happy here

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  1. Haha, my belf mage (on another server) is also female, I simply couldn't stand the look of the belf males. I just need to remember to not refer to you as "she", I already got Tam wrong.

    Anyway, being happy in a guild is quite important. So, welcome to our little blogging community guild. Looking forward to playing with you, maybe doing RFC together soon.