Friday, 26 March 2010

Arugal disrobed and a rogue's wowcock displayed for all to see

After multiple runs of Shadowfang Keep, the Robes of Arugal finally dropped.  Twice.  Aaarrrgghhhh!

We first ran SFK a week ago, with 3 people from SAN and pugged the last 2 spots.  It was a good run, the Robes of Arugal dropped, and I needed, along with the healer, and lost the roll.

OK, fair enough, it happens.  I understood that it is quite a regular drop, so we did a couple of guild runs.  We got the Belt on one run and the Meteor Shard on another.  I did a few more runs with an 80 guildie, and still the robes didn't drop.

We ran again last night with Conjaw, Zaevi and Twospot (and one other, but I can't for the life of me remember who it was, so big apologies!), and the belt dropped again.  Conjaw had already said that he was happy to run again until the Robe dropped, so we ran it one more time, and finally they dropped!  Big sigh of relief from me, and the Robes actually look very good on her, with no adjustments needed.  Maybe Arugal wore a corset which would explain why he was so upset with everyone.

We got upset with a pugged rogue on a later run - Llarisa joined the party and we also had Anorak and Conjaw with us, so we pugged for one other for a random dungeon.  Llarisa was tanking and as she was new to the role, Deadmines was probably just a good a place as any to practice.  The rogue we had was from Crushridge, and was really chatty and friendly; in fact he (or she) stated that they rally enjoyed the run and it was almost as if we had another SAN member with us.

They sadly had to leave after Van Cleef was downed, and we had another rogue join us.  Alarm bells started ringing during a discussion with Llarisa, when a discussion started about gearscore on their respective 'mains'.

It didn't go much further after Llarisa told him that she didn't really bother with it any more, and our pug rogue seemed to agree, but then he posted recount stats toward the end, and this was when I thought things were going to get messy.

Let's just say that he was firmly put in his place, but then proceeded to pull everything in Arugal's room, including Arugal himself before everyone was sufficiently ready.  He died, trying to tank him, which was (I guess) just desserts for being a prick, and on this final run last night, the damn Robes dropped...

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