Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I got to 29 and am now halfway to 30, questing in Hillsbrad.  

I noticed that there is quite a large range of levels in Hillsbrad, from the level 20 bears and spiders (and peasants) to level 32 murlocs and naga that are around Southshore, consequently I have been dying more often than I would like!

Frost nova and blink have got me out of a couple of tight spots, but the murlocs have given me the most grief.

I am trying to get a run together for Razorfen Kraul, and picked up the bat guano quest in UC while I was handing in something else.  I am not really inclined to pug it, but I might have to; Zaevi and Twospot were around, but Two was on his alt in Scarlet Monastery, and there was hardly anyone on at the right level (either too low or too high).  Larisa logged on very late last night; I am sure she would have been up for it, but it was a bit late for me, and I logged off soon after collecting some Troll Potion for another quest.

I still have some boss head from somewhere that I need to hand in at Thunder Bluff, but I am waiting to hit 30 so I can pick up the portal at the same time.  No need to make the journey twice if I don't need to.  The smell though is quite bad, so I am not sure how much longer I can put up with it - the bag will need a thorough wash before it is usable again!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Arugal disrobed and a rogue's wowcock displayed for all to see

After multiple runs of Shadowfang Keep, the Robes of Arugal finally dropped.  Twice.  Aaarrrgghhhh!

We first ran SFK a week ago, with 3 people from SAN and pugged the last 2 spots.  It was a good run, the Robes of Arugal dropped, and I needed, along with the healer, and lost the roll.

OK, fair enough, it happens.  I understood that it is quite a regular drop, so we did a couple of guild runs.  We got the Belt on one run and the Meteor Shard on another.  I did a few more runs with an 80 guildie, and still the robes didn't drop.

We ran again last night with Conjaw, Zaevi and Twospot (and one other, but I can't for the life of me remember who it was, so big apologies!), and the belt dropped again.  Conjaw had already said that he was happy to run again until the Robe dropped, so we ran it one more time, and finally they dropped!  Big sigh of relief from me, and the Robes actually look very good on her, with no adjustments needed.  Maybe Arugal wore a corset which would explain why he was so upset with everyone.

We got upset with a pugged rogue on a later run - Llarisa joined the party and we also had Anorak and Conjaw with us, so we pugged for one other for a random dungeon.  Llarisa was tanking and as she was new to the role, Deadmines was probably just a good a place as any to practice.  The rogue we had was from Crushridge, and was really chatty and friendly; in fact he (or she) stated that they rally enjoyed the run and it was almost as if we had another SAN member with us.

They sadly had to leave after Van Cleef was downed, and we had another rogue join us.  Alarm bells started ringing during a discussion with Llarisa, when a discussion started about gearscore on their respective 'mains'.

It didn't go much further after Llarisa told him that she didn't really bother with it any more, and our pug rogue seemed to agree, but then he posted recount stats toward the end, and this was when I thought things were going to get messy.

Let's just say that he was firmly put in his place, but then proceeded to pull everything in Arugal's room, including Arugal himself before everyone was sufficiently ready.  He died, trying to tank him, which was (I guess) just desserts for being a prick, and on this final run last night, the damn Robes dropped...

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Not much of a whiny post

Last night my mage hit level 20, which means blink, portals and a mount.  The portal part meant I had to physically go to Undercity and Orgrimmar to 'learn' the portals, but it is easier to get to each of the horde cities that it is for Alliance, even with the continent split - maybe zeppelins are a better way to travel than boats.

Apart from that there is not really a great deal to discuss - I guess I could go with the flow and do a whiny post in recognition of Klep's Whiny Post Day.  Tobold's post today was 'win', as one of the commenters put it, and I am sitting here racking my brains to think of something worthwhile to whine about, that won't earn me a gkick from my Alliance Guild!

Perhaps I'll just leave that for another day...

Friday, 12 March 2010

Should Blizz wave their banstick?

I saw a post today from Tobold about Suzina of Kill Ten Rats admitting to buying gold to purchase her dual spec at level 40.  I have read Tobold's post, I have read Suzina's post, plus the comments, which I feel were quite a mixture of arguments for and against.

One argument I have read says that 1,000 gold is too high for a level 40 character to make, so this partly justifies her feeling the need to buy the gold to buy the dual spec, another is asking why you need the dual spec at level 40 anyway when you only have half the talent points, and the rest is that buying gold is evil, as it supports hackers, etc.

The fact is that buying gold is against the ToS, and is a bannable offence.  Yes, I will admit to using cheat codes in single player games, but as you get older you come to realise that the only person you are cheating is yourself, and I stopped that a long time ago (I think Donkey Kong Country on the SNES is the last time I think I can truthfully say I used a code/sequence of keys to modify the intended game mechanics).

Additionally, the idea that 1,000g is too high a sum to achieve at level 40 is bollocks.  I have a level 21 lock (not listed) who has 3,700g to her name.  She herbs and inscribes, and sells boe greens and blues, and I have used her to fund a dual spec for Rohain, my priest, who is level 75.  It all depends on how much effort you are prepared to put in to play the game.

And I also agree with those that say that you don't really need dual spec at level 40 - level 60 is far more reasonable as you have more talent points, you have learned more about your class and it perhaps makes more sense to look at it then rather than 40.

But when all is said and done, if someone told me in game that they had bought gold, my reponse would very likely be the same; I would add them to my ignore list and raise a ticket.  In the medium term it would not make a difference as she has admitted that she would start over with a new account, but in the short term it would cause her inconvenience and a small amount of cash to buy another game and set up a new account. 

What do you think?

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Another Guild First

Last night I fully intended to level some more, my map in Silvermoon is covered in little round circles at the moment which need to be taken care of:

And indeed I did manage to complete a few of these. I was busy getting my face ripped off by gnolls, Kumquat-style, when Tam asked if we wanted to go to Deadmines. I was level 15 by that time, and so Tam was able to use the LFD tool to port us all there, instead of walking/swimming/flying, and of course, dying.

We only wiped once, on the boat. I took a picture as I was going to use it to explain that once, a long time ago, on my very first character, I dotted the marked Pirate, which caused a wipe when the whole ship's crew appeared...

I unmarked the pirate, but I think that Tam may have upset it, because the whole ship's crew appeared, and we wiped...

I really wish I had Tam's talent for explaining things like this, as I am sure after reading his version I will be laughing rather loudly!

We got a guild first though, and downed Van Cleef at the end. Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of this, but Tam mentioned he would put it on the guild website later, so you can see it there. As soon as I see it I'll put a copy here too.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Honourable Mention!

I tend to spend my lunches reading WoW blogs, and am guilty of using Larísa's page of links to do this, because she has lots on there (but I still read Tobold first!).

Larísa has 3 (previously 4) what she calls 'Adrenalin Bloggers' - no idea why, but there you are! They don't appear to post very regularly, but I thought I would take a look at the one that posted yesterday (8 March), Reflections from the Pond.

I nearly fell off my chair - not only was Tahliana mentioned, but she had one of those little underliney things under her name!

In the space of one week, my blog has gone from no comments, to comments by Tobold and Tam, to actual links back to my blog. I have to say that this only has to be for one reason, Single Abstract Noun.

And I'll bet that Google is having a field day now with those three words - how long before my blog hits page 1 of the Google searches??!!!

I have to say that it is interesting to see other people's takes on their experiences as lowbie alts on a new realm with no links at all to their main characters. Yes, I guess I could probably lean on someone to help me get some of my Alliance wealth to my horde character, but I really don't want to, nor do I need to - I have picked Inscription as one of my professions, so hopefully should be able to make some decent cash before I start needing heavy duty amounts of gold.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Brief weekend update

Not much to report over the weekend, although it looks like some people in Single Abstract Noun are progressing well - when I logged on last night I saw that a group were in Wailing Caverns, and I have heard that a run of SFK has happened too. As for me, I did a few quests and went for another run in RFC with Tam in his new tanking role.

I levelled to 13 and saw that a couple of my quests had gone grey - one of the side-effects of running instances I guess.

I also cleared my mailboxes in readiness to move a couple of characters to the Steamwheedle Cartel server to free up a little more space on Argent Dawn for more characters; I really want to try out the worgen and goblin races when they become available.

Something I did notice last night was that there was no queue for Argent Dawn, which is unusual for a Sunday evening - I expect that this will be the norm until the new expansion hits, as people get bored with the current content and cancel their subscriptions for now.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Guild First

Wow. Just... wow!

I got up to level 10 last night on my mage, then a call went out - "who wants to do RFC?". At level 10 I really wasn't sure I was high enough level to go in there and make a valid contribution to the effort, but in fact all of us were of a similar level.

So in we went. No boosting, and we even had to use crowd control - a sadly missing element of the modern dungeon run. As you probably already know, today's dungeon runs mean that the tank collects everything up, then everyone else aoe's it down. Effective, but not very interesting.

True, most of my spells (including sheep) missed, I tried sheeping dotted mobs (after they had broken polymorph), but out of all of that, I think we only wiped twice, and one of those was when the hunter had popped out to get some more ammo!

The thing about our group was that we held together, there was no "gogogo" (well, actually, I did, for a joke!), no griping, and no silence. We communicated, fought cohesively, used our skills (such as they are at the lower levels) and got the guild first boss kill.

There has been talk of running WC and SFK soonish, and I for one am really looking forward to it - these are all places I have only ever been to solo, and (obviously) cleared the place with ease.

Oh, and I got my first comment yesterday, by none other than Tobold himself!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Single Abstract Noun

It has been some time since my last post, and I will make no excuses for it; I simply have not found anything interesting in WoW to post about.

I have been vote-kicked a few more times for apparently being a failtank, and have been spending my time in the Draenei and Night Elf starting areas to get the Loremaster Achievement. In the process I got exalted with both factions, and the epic ground mounts that comes with it, and my Gnomer rep is inching slowly towards exalted too.

I have also tried to make a serious effort to get my Draenei priest to 80, so finished off the BT quests and am about halfway through HF now.

But isn't that what everyone else is doing? There was a big surge in players when the new LFD hit, but now that the novelty has worn off I am seeing less dungeon queues and less instances (if you'll pardon the pun) of queueing for Argent Dawn itself.

So I guess I was maybe losing a little bit of interest, as the guild has a better tank than me now, and I kinda feel... redundant, I guess. And maybe a little bored with WoW, thinking that perhaps now would be a good time to catch up on other things that I have thought about doing but not really built up the motivation to actually do.

Then, in the blogosphere I saw that Tam has set up a new guild on my server (albeit horde side), called Single Abstract Noun. Tobold has joined, as has Larísa, plus I reckon a few others whose blogs I read, so I thought I would give it a go.

I had 2 spare slots which I was saving for a worgen and possibly (probably) goblin when Cataclysm hits, but now I am thinking of transferring one of my existing Alliance characters across to join the others that I transferred a while ago when the free transfer was first made available.

My son has a character on my account, and as he plays so infrequently it makes sense to probably move him over (with some gold in his pocket), plus maybe one of my other characters that I haven't touched in ages, but don't have the heart to delete - probably some false sense of attachment, but I haven't hit 50 characters yet...!

I really enjoyed being part of a community that just doesn't stop talking! I rolled a belf mage (yes, female!), typed /who tobold and asked him whether an officer was around for an invite. He replied by telling me that anyone can invite, then shortly later, Tahliana became a member of what could be a very large guild indeed.

I hit level 8 before logging for the night - it makes things a little quicker, having done the starting area a few times before!

I think I could be happy here