Wednesday, 31 March 2010


I got to 29 and am now halfway to 30, questing in Hillsbrad.  

I noticed that there is quite a large range of levels in Hillsbrad, from the level 20 bears and spiders (and peasants) to level 32 murlocs and naga that are around Southshore, consequently I have been dying more often than I would like!

Frost nova and blink have got me out of a couple of tight spots, but the murlocs have given me the most grief.

I am trying to get a run together for Razorfen Kraul, and picked up the bat guano quest in UC while I was handing in something else.  I am not really inclined to pug it, but I might have to; Zaevi and Twospot were around, but Two was on his alt in Scarlet Monastery, and there was hardly anyone on at the right level (either too low or too high).  Larisa logged on very late last night; I am sure she would have been up for it, but it was a bit late for me, and I logged off soon after collecting some Troll Potion for another quest.

I still have some boss head from somewhere that I need to hand in at Thunder Bluff, but I am waiting to hit 30 so I can pick up the portal at the same time.  No need to make the journey twice if I don't need to.  The smell though is quite bad, so I am not sure how much longer I can put up with it - the bag will need a thorough wash before it is usable again!

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