Monday, 8 March 2010

Brief weekend update

Not much to report over the weekend, although it looks like some people in Single Abstract Noun are progressing well - when I logged on last night I saw that a group were in Wailing Caverns, and I have heard that a run of SFK has happened too. As for me, I did a few quests and went for another run in RFC with Tam in his new tanking role.

I levelled to 13 and saw that a couple of my quests had gone grey - one of the side-effects of running instances I guess.

I also cleared my mailboxes in readiness to move a couple of characters to the Steamwheedle Cartel server to free up a little more space on Argent Dawn for more characters; I really want to try out the worgen and goblin races when they become available.

Something I did notice last night was that there was no queue for Argent Dawn, which is unusual for a Sunday evening - I expect that this will be the norm until the new expansion hits, as people get bored with the current content and cancel their subscriptions for now.


  1. If you're moving Alliance side on Steemwheedle Cartel then give me a shout - I've got several characters there that can lend you a hand!

  2. Thanks for the offer - neither of the characters are listed on the front page, one belongs to my son, and is level 12, despite being in existence for well over a year, and the other one is a level 30 pally who I haven't looked at since the talent points were last refunded...

    I have a few others on there, and I'll look you up when I log in for the first time :)