Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Another Guild First

Last night I fully intended to level some more, my map in Silvermoon is covered in little round circles at the moment which need to be taken care of:

And indeed I did manage to complete a few of these. I was busy getting my face ripped off by gnolls, Kumquat-style, when Tam asked if we wanted to go to Deadmines. I was level 15 by that time, and so Tam was able to use the LFD tool to port us all there, instead of walking/swimming/flying, and of course, dying.

We only wiped once, on the boat. I took a picture as I was going to use it to explain that once, a long time ago, on my very first character, I dotted the marked Pirate, which caused a wipe when the whole ship's crew appeared...

I unmarked the pirate, but I think that Tam may have upset it, because the whole ship's crew appeared, and we wiped...

I really wish I had Tam's talent for explaining things like this, as I am sure after reading his version I will be laughing rather loudly!

We got a guild first though, and downed Van Cleef at the end. Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of this, but Tam mentioned he would put it on the guild website later, so you can see it there. As soon as I see it I'll put a copy here too.

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