Friday, 12 March 2010

Should Blizz wave their banstick?

I saw a post today from Tobold about Suzina of Kill Ten Rats admitting to buying gold to purchase her dual spec at level 40.  I have read Tobold's post, I have read Suzina's post, plus the comments, which I feel were quite a mixture of arguments for and against.

One argument I have read says that 1,000 gold is too high for a level 40 character to make, so this partly justifies her feeling the need to buy the gold to buy the dual spec, another is asking why you need the dual spec at level 40 anyway when you only have half the talent points, and the rest is that buying gold is evil, as it supports hackers, etc.

The fact is that buying gold is against the ToS, and is a bannable offence.  Yes, I will admit to using cheat codes in single player games, but as you get older you come to realise that the only person you are cheating is yourself, and I stopped that a long time ago (I think Donkey Kong Country on the SNES is the last time I think I can truthfully say I used a code/sequence of keys to modify the intended game mechanics).

Additionally, the idea that 1,000g is too high a sum to achieve at level 40 is bollocks.  I have a level 21 lock (not listed) who has 3,700g to her name.  She herbs and inscribes, and sells boe greens and blues, and I have used her to fund a dual spec for Rohain, my priest, who is level 75.  It all depends on how much effort you are prepared to put in to play the game.

And I also agree with those that say that you don't really need dual spec at level 40 - level 60 is far more reasonable as you have more talent points, you have learned more about your class and it perhaps makes more sense to look at it then rather than 40.

But when all is said and done, if someone told me in game that they had bought gold, my reponse would very likely be the same; I would add them to my ignore list and raise a ticket.  In the medium term it would not make a difference as she has admitted that she would start over with a new account, but in the short term it would cause her inconvenience and a small amount of cash to buy another game and set up a new account. 

What do you think?


  1. I dont really see the need of having dual-specc at level 40. Why not just wait to level 80 when it's easier earning money.

  2. Whilst I've never opened a ticket against anybody who admitted to buying gold (though sometimes wish I had!), I don't agree with gold buying. Whatever the point is. It doesn't take much effort to make a little on the auction house, or ask a friend for a small loan, or do a few dailies.. or whatever, why cheapen the feel of the game?