Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Fishing in Ironforge

I logged back on last night for a second evening in the Forlorn Cavern, where the main body of water is, and also where you can fish without aggroing the NPCs.  My journey into Ironforge was rather fraught when I got to Dun Morogh, but more of that in a moment.

I got to Dun Morogh by travelling from Booty Bay on the transporter that drops you in the depths of Gnomeregan.  On my arrival I spent a good 10 minutes trying to work out where the hell I was in there, and noticed a couple of players who looked like they might know where they were going, so followed them.  I finally made it to the lift and headed over to Ironforge, picking a few herbs on the way and avoiding Kharanos.

I aggroed just about everything from the entry slope up to Ironforge into the City itself.  I forgot how chilly it was there, as I had removed anything that takes durability losses and put them in a bag to save repair costs, but that didn't stop the guards attacking me with their sharp pointy swords and shields.  I was transported tout suite to the spirit healer at the Gates of Ironforge.

As it was a shorter (and marginally safer) run into the City, I spirit rezzed there and started the tortuous journey to the Forlorn Cavern, wasting my potions of lesser invisibility on the way.  For one, you cannot use spells (blink) or a mount with the potion, so I had to (mainly corpse) run for 10 minutes until the potion cooldown expired.  This got me as far as the area outside the portal room.  When I rezzed there I had the presence of mind to check the cooldown, rez as far away from the guards as I was able, pop the potion and run in to the Cavern and head to the back of the cave before the potion ran out.  15 seconds is shorter than you think when running for your life!

My troubles didn't stop there.  Picture this, a nearly naked level 33 blood elf, fishing in Ironforge.  I am obviously there for one thing only, and it is not the attentions of the Ironforge Militia or any other player, for that matter, but I was easy prey and they took full advantage.

I was left alone for the most part, but every so often I got ganked - Alliance don't like Horde in their cities, and it seemed actually worse fishing in Ironforge than my Alliance gnome trying to fish for Old Crafty in Orgrimmar.

Anyway, I logged in last night, and all went well, at least to begin with.  I got worried when a Death Knight took an interest in me.  He wandered towards me and stopped.  Then a warlock appeared - I think they were from the same guild, and he stopped and both of them just sat there, looking at me.  I have to say the adrenaline started running, but the feeling of intimidation eased a little; they were both ?? to me and if they were going to gank me, there was nothing I was going to be able to do about it.

I couldn't believe that people sit there for that long, watching others fish, but they did.  A mage appeared, which added to my state of anxiousness, and the others closed in on me a little.  At that point Old Ironjaw dropped (thank god!!), and I hit the teleport button, hoping to get back to  safety.  The players regarding me in the Forlorn Cavern had other ideas, however, and back to the spirit healer I headed, where I rezzed and ported back to Orgrimmar.

One other thing: when you are killed outside of Ironforge you are taken to the Gates of Ironforge Spirit Healer; when you get killed inside, you are instead sent to Kharanos - a longer run back.

When I repaired, vendored the fish (the fish at that level is plentiful and therefore pretty much worthless, although I cooked it first!) and collected my mail, I went back to questing, grouped with a few SAN members and hit Scarlet Monastery twice, both of which were good runs, where I picked up three new items, including the Scarlet Key.

When I finished there I headed back to Undercity to skill up, as I hit level 34 as well!

All in all, a good (and productive) evening


Thursday, 1 April 2010

April 1st Armory

I have just seen the first part of Larísa's post and before I read any further, went straight over to the Armory to check out my characters.

Tahliana is now a Tuskarr Mage, with primary professions of fishing, and, err, fishing.

In recent activity she has cheesed various things, and ninja'd others!


If you haven't looked yet, I urge you to now, before your character gets restored! 

Elsewhere, other sites are getting in on the act - WoWWiki's pictures are upside down, and WowHead have changed to TacoHead!