Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Honourable Mention!

I tend to spend my lunches reading WoW blogs, and am guilty of using Larísa's page of links to do this, because she has lots on there (but I still read Tobold first!).

Larísa has 3 (previously 4) what she calls 'Adrenalin Bloggers' - no idea why, but there you are! They don't appear to post very regularly, but I thought I would take a look at the one that posted yesterday (8 March), Reflections from the Pond.

I nearly fell off my chair - not only was Tahliana mentioned, but she had one of those little underliney things under her name!

In the space of one week, my blog has gone from no comments, to comments by Tobold and Tam, to actual links back to my blog. I have to say that this only has to be for one reason, Single Abstract Noun.

And I'll bet that Google is having a field day now with those three words - how long before my blog hits page 1 of the Google searches??!!!

I have to say that it is interesting to see other people's takes on their experiences as lowbie alts on a new realm with no links at all to their main characters. Yes, I guess I could probably lean on someone to help me get some of my Alliance wealth to my horde character, but I really don't want to, nor do I need to - I have picked Inscription as one of my professions, so hopefully should be able to make some decent cash before I start needing heavy duty amounts of gold.

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  1. Adrenaline is the guild we're in on Stormrage, a raid guild filled with lovely friendly people. I applied there after having read about it on Larísa's blog :-)

    I chose mining and herbalism as professions for my tauren in SAN, and he's been getting a small but decent income from selling that on the AH, more than enough for his current needs.

    Side note: I too have a gnome warrior who's named Daissy! (two s instead of one, but still!)

    See you on AD soon again!