Wednesday, 3 February 2010

More pug stuff

It happened again.

We wiped in Pit of Saron, horribly, a few times, then I was standing in Dalaran, with that message telling me I had left the group. Sigh, another vote kick.

So I hit the LFD button again, got straight in again, and imagine my horror, when I found I had ended up in the same dungeon as before. I had a look at the other players, with this horrible premonition that perhaps I had been given not only the same dungeon, but the very same people who just kicked me.

Fortunately this was not the case. However, I did tell my new group that this was my second visit to PoS, my first visit literally minutes before when I got vote kicked for being a noob tank.

I was expecting cries of ‘leave then’ or similar from the gogogo crowd which regularly frequent these establishments, but I actually got a good-natured ok from the top dps in the group.

Much of the instance had already been done, and we were at the entrance to the cave before the last boss – the one with the big elemental.

We wiped, and I was expecting to get kicked again, following a comment from one of the party, but the response from the others was that I had told them, up front, what the score was.

I was then given a blow by blow account of what I needed to do in my role as tank, and guess what? We cleared the whole cave without wiping! The same person then went through what I needed to do with the boss, and things were going fine until he went down, then one of the other dps went down, so it was left to me, the healer and another dps to try and take him down. We ultimately failed, but I had a much better experience in this visit than the previous one.

If there is a moral to this story, be upfront before you start; sometimes you’ll be telling a bunch of asshats who will kick you, but more often than not you’ll actually get a decent bunch of people who really want to help.