Saturday, 6 March 2010

Guild First

Wow. Just... wow!

I got up to level 10 last night on my mage, then a call went out - "who wants to do RFC?". At level 10 I really wasn't sure I was high enough level to go in there and make a valid contribution to the effort, but in fact all of us were of a similar level.

So in we went. No boosting, and we even had to use crowd control - a sadly missing element of the modern dungeon run. As you probably already know, today's dungeon runs mean that the tank collects everything up, then everyone else aoe's it down. Effective, but not very interesting.

True, most of my spells (including sheep) missed, I tried sheeping dotted mobs (after they had broken polymorph), but out of all of that, I think we only wiped twice, and one of those was when the hunter had popped out to get some more ammo!

The thing about our group was that we held together, there was no "gogogo" (well, actually, I did, for a joke!), no griping, and no silence. We communicated, fought cohesively, used our skills (such as they are at the lower levels) and got the guild first boss kill.

There has been talk of running WC and SFK soonish, and I for one am really looking forward to it - these are all places I have only ever been to solo, and (obviously) cleared the place with ease.

Oh, and I got my first comment yesterday, by none other than Tobold himself!

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  1. **not Snottydin, Tam, but blogspot, as ever, won't let me comment*

    We did SFK this afternoon - shall post killshot on guild forum :P

    I was fail DPS all the way. Nobody told me I had to hit the same target of the tank....