Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Armory changes

This is probably a bit late, now that the furore has died down a little, but what do you think of the changes to the Armory?

I am not sure about the timeline of what has been done and where – this is too Big Brother for my liking, but I guess that is here to stay, so may as well learn to live with it and move on.

One thing that I have noticed though is that there isn’t a decent background to set your character against. Even the default backgrounds you get on the character selection screen would be better than nothing, as I think the current look makes my characters look a little… well, lifeless, really.

I know, I know, they are only pixels, but it was the whole look of the game that drew me in the first place, the attention to even the tiniest details and the overall polish.

Or maybe I should just get a life and keep away from the Armory! Hmmm, what else to do on a rainy lunchtime??!!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Pug stuff

I’ve come to the conclusion (several months down the line!) that I can’t keep up a daily blog, but something happened in WoW last night that you read about happening to others that hadn’t happened to me yet – I got vote-kicked.

It was in probably one of my least favourite places – Oculus. We got to the last boss and decided that I would be the first one to Time Stop when he enraged. Unfortunately, when the time came, I was on the deck as the emerald drake hadn’t healed me, so I got kicked even though it wasn’t even my fault!

I know I’m not the greatest ever tank in the world (still gearing, believe it or not) and I don’t hit the hardest (1200dps), but I do object when I am kicked through no fault of my own. It’s not even as if I could /w any of them, as they were all on different servers to me (the only one that was on my server had already quit the group!).

I just hope that doesn’t happen very often – at least I got some Ebon Blade rep while I was there…