Thursday, 23 April 2009

Wot no keys?

I'm an idiot - when I went on my bike ride last night I left everything at work, except for the key for my bike lock - I just removed it from my bunch of keys and left the rest behind so that I could travel as light as possible. I knew I could get away with leaving my bag and other stuff behind as I met my wife for lunch today, and to enable me to travel just as lightly home after work, I put my bag in the car when she met me for lunch, not even considering that I would actually need the keys for when I went home!

So here I am, in my back garden, in the sunshine, making my daily blog contribution, and I can't get in until my wife gets back with the kids from orchestra. It's not all bad; after all, it could be pissing it down I guess, or 2 months earlier and bloody cold!

Lunch was good, when we eventually sat down in the restaurant (the mother of the child my wife looks after was her usual late self); it was gone 1.30 before my wife arrived at the office. I had already sent a text to advise bashing the mother with a sharp or pointy object but she suggested that might not be such a good idea as she would still have the child...

We tried a new restaurant called Mamma Mia. Up until recently it was called Dim-t (or something), but I guess people weren't too keen on the prices for what they got for their money - we were certainly underwhelmed when we went there. Now you can get a 2 course meal and glass of wine or soft drink for £6.95. I got beaten by the meal and consequently spent the afternoon waddling round the office.

Just had a text from the missus telling me that she is just leaving - good thing too as the temperature is beginning to dip.

Then I'll be able to get in, get changed and go to college!

By the way, it was the Rough, Tough, Cream Puff from New York who got the chop last night!!!

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