Friday, 24 April 2009


Work was soooo boring today - although I was late in I desperately wanted to go home about 1 hour after I got in - don't know if its anything to do with my birthday this weekend or just plain boredom, but there was hardly anyone in work today, and even then some of the staff were on half days, so it was deathly quiet today!

This evening we had another Residents Association meeting and were agreeing final details before our Fun Day on 4th May. I am Treasurer and needed to agree how much money I needed to get for floats, petty cash, etc.

Then there was a debate about one of the committee members, and whether she could make the commitment to the group, this is something that will be sorted out in the next couple of weeks I expect.

Anyway I'm really tired and run out of things to say for now, so time to go to bed :)

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