Wednesday, 22 April 2009

47 minutes

What can you do in 47 minutes? Play a frame of snooker? Play more than 1 frame of snooker? Iron? Washing up?


I spent 47 minutes of my day cycling just under 12.5 miles - left work and did a round trip, taking in Fordcombe, Penshurst and Bidborough Ridge - it was nice to be able to get back out and do these trips after work, now that the evenings are light again, and it's also good practice for the London to Brighton Bike Ride which I taking part in this June.

It's actually not that great a time - average speed 16.7 mph (maximum 37.2 mph), last year I did the same ride in around 46 minutes, and was on course to reduce that further, but then GMT got in the way, and I don't think its a fantastic idea to ride small country roads in the dark.

Just found out that all my talent points have been refunded again in WoW - how annoying is that? It took me a while to choose them all in the first place, and that's the second time in 2 weeks - granted last week was the big patch where Ulduar was added, but did they really need to do it again? Oh well, never mind, I guess!

Apprentice tonight - I wonder who will be up for the chop this time?

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