Thursday, 21 January 2010

Pug stuff

I’ve come to the conclusion (several months down the line!) that I can’t keep up a daily blog, but something happened in WoW last night that you read about happening to others that hadn’t happened to me yet – I got vote-kicked.

It was in probably one of my least favourite places – Oculus. We got to the last boss and decided that I would be the first one to Time Stop when he enraged. Unfortunately, when the time came, I was on the deck as the emerald drake hadn’t healed me, so I got kicked even though it wasn’t even my fault!

I know I’m not the greatest ever tank in the world (still gearing, believe it or not) and I don’t hit the hardest (1200dps), but I do object when I am kicked through no fault of my own. It’s not even as if I could /w any of them, as they were all on different servers to me (the only one that was on my server had already quit the group!).

I just hope that doesn’t happen very often – at least I got some Ebon Blade rep while I was there…

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